Prostate Artery Embolization

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Prostate Artery Embolization
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Upcoming Events

PAE symposium at GEST 2018 U.S., May 17-20, 2018, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Hands-on workshop at GEST 2018 on Friday, May 18, 2018, 5-6 pm

  • Bernhard Meyer, MD, Hannover Medical School, Germany
  • Nishita Kothary, MD, Stanford University Medical Center, CA, USA
  • Olivier Pellerin, MD, Hôpital européen Georges-Pompidou, Paris, France
  • Nadine Abi-Jaoudeh, MD, University of California, Irvine, CA, USA

ESIR Prostate Embolisation, June 14-15, 2018, Milan, Italy

Past Events


Satellite Symposium at GEST 2017 on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 12:15-13:00

  • Tobias F. Jakobs MD, Liver and beyond: Optimizing radiopaque beads embolization with DynaCT
  • Nigel Hacking MD, DynaCT Imaging and Guidance for PAE: how does it work?


Satellite Symposium at CIRSE on Tuesday, September 19th 1-2pm, Auditorium 2

  • Prof. Dr. Götz Martin Richter, Best practices to reduce radiation in complex interventions
  • Prof. Dr. Marc Sapoval, CBCT as a mandatory tool for PAE: guidance and target evaluation
  • Dr. Stephan Waldeck, Robotic imaging in the comprehensive spectrum of interventions in a military hospital


ESIR Prostate Embolisation, Milan (IT), October 11-12, 2017



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