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syngo Colonography with PEV

syngo Colonography PEV is a fully automated computer-assisted second reading tool. Results are automatically processed off-line when the data set is sent to the syngo MultiModality Workstation. The results are ready to be reviewed and assessed as soon as the user has done a preliminarily self-evaluation the colon data set. syngo Colonography PEV will automatically read both prone and supine studies consecutively.
PEV markers are presented in a list and the user can automatically jump through the PEV-marked potentially suspicious lesions in both the 3D endoscopic and Multiplanar Reconstruction views when a specific marker is selected. The software also incorporates automatic size measurement tools for accurate polyp measurement. The automatic lesion marker list is intuitive and also has customizable reporting tools.

Clinical Applications
Second reading tools are valuable as the computer basically becomes another set of eyes for the radiologist. It can potentially make results more objective and consistent, and shorten the radiologists' learning curve since the skill in interpreting diagnostic images may vary among interpreting physicians, who can mistake the colon's normal valves and folds for polyps. It could also be useful in hospitals that lack expertise with virtual colonoscopies.



  • marks potential polyps on 2D and 3D endoluminal view


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