FAST CARE technology

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FAST CARE technology
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with Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies.
Optimize your process efficiency with solutions that make time-consuming and complex procedures faster and far more intuitive. Your scans will also be more reproducible and less prone to errors.


Benefits of FAST

  • Streamlined scan procedures bring greater efficiency to clinical routine
  • Complex procedures made quicker and more intuitive
  • Standardized workflows for enhanced consistency


FAST Integrated Workflow with FAST 3D Camera

Safeguard correct and consistent patient positioning

  • Standardized positioning
  • Isocentric positioning
  • Correct body region recognition
  • Correct scan direction setup

FAST Wizard

Ease your working day with FAST Wizard.

  • Immediate help for the user when and where needed
  • Provides short tutorial videos in the user interface on how to optimize scanner workflow and clinical outcome
  • Reduces re-training efforts


FAST Cardio Wizard

The FAST Cardio Wizard supports you in preparing complex cardiac examinations on-screen.

  • Step-by-step guide to cardiac scanning for higher reliability and reproducibility in cardiac CT
  • Defined quality standards that deliver optimal cardiac image quality even for less experienced users
  • Avoids “paperwork” at the scanner


FAST Scan Assistant

During scanning, FAST Scan Assistant helps you in finding the right parameter settings for scan time, pitch, and max mAS.

  • Easy scan parameter adjustment
  • Better image quality through optimized scan settings
  • Undo function to return to previous settings



Optimize your kV settings with FAST kV.

  • Helps users with the kV setting
  • Assures that dose levels will be kept constant
  • Assures that image quality (contrast-to-noise ratio) will be kept constant


FAST Adjust

With FAST Adjust, you have the option of adjusting scan parameters during scanning.

  • Intuitive scan parameter adjustment at the push of a button
  • Optimized scan settings lead to improved image quality
  • Optimized utilization of scanner capacities


FAST Spine

FAST Spine helps you prepare the most cumbersome reconstructions – anatomically aligned spine reconstructions.

  • Accurate reconstructions preparation with a single click
  • Direct detection and labeling
  • Saves up to 30 minutes of manual preparation for a complete spine reconstruction


FAST 3D Align

Enhance process efficiency with FAST 3D Align.

  • Delivers clear clinical findings in challenging situations
  • Automatically corrects misalignment of anatomic structures
  • Allows for side-by-side comparisons and adjusts the recon field of view (FoV)
  • Automates workflows, delivers ready-to-read data, saves time and effort


FAST DE Results

Enhance your process efficiency with FAST DE Results.

  • Creates reproducible images
  • Enables a direct transfer of Dual Energy results from scanner to PACS
  • Eliminates waiting time and user interaction


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