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CARE Right – Low kV

Easily setting the right kV

Siemens CT offers different features to set the right kV for every patient. Clever algorithms like CARE kV find automatically the right kV. Scanning with a low kV helps to lower radiation dose and contrast media!
Even dedicated hardware on the X-ray tube is involved too, the make it possible to achieve ultra low dose values for lung screening and perform Dual Energy without a dose penalty.


CARE kV offers an automated dose-optimized selection of the x-ray tube voltage (kV) depending on the selected type of examination. It is the industry’s first tool that automatically determines the appropriate kV and scan parameter settings to help deliver the right dose for a particular scan and the user defined image quality. There is trend that examinations with a low kV even for adults are more common. CARE kV adjusts the tube voltage based on the patient size and clinical question. Benefits of low kV scanning is reduced radiation dose or increased iodine contrast. As the patient population ages, chronic kidney diseases are on the rise. Reducing the doses of contrast media means preventing contrast induced renal toxicity, expensive preparations and aftercare. Another advantage is better enhancement in case of a limited IV access and an improvement in subtle attenuation differences in soft tissue.

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