Cios Alpha

Perfect balance. Uncompromised.

Cios Alpha
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Cios Alpha®1 delivers more than the perfect balance between image quality and dose. With it, you also profit from ease‐of‐use, less distractions in workflows, and optimal utilization of your equipment. Learn how Cios Alpha helps you safeguard excellent image quality at the right dose for all patients, fully focus on your procedures, and grow into more profitable procedures.

Excellent images, right dose

Cios Alpha comes with Retina and CARE technologies, safeguarding excellent image quality at the right dose for all patients. For each individual case, Cios Alpha puts surgeons in control of the level of detail to see what they need to see – and to rest assured that image quality does not necessarily come at the expense of higher dose.

Easy handling, smooth workflow

Cios Alpha is designed for ease-of-use and less distractions in workflows. Its straightforward system and software design reduces the hassle around the equipment – and allows surgeons to fully focus on what they actually need to do.

Extended capabilities, smart growth

Cios Alpha helps you expand your clinical capabilities and optimize the utilization of your equipment. You can conveniently order additional applications through the Siemens Healthineers Store and fully integrate them into your mobile C-arm. Save costs, take on more challenging cases, and grow into more profitable procedures.

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1Cios Alpha VA30 is currently under development; is not for sale in the U.S. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.