An assay with a clinically validated claim to exclude pulmonary embolism

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  • Rapid turnaround time - in as little as 14 min. (with onboard centrifugation)
  • Single and ready to use TestPak™ Cartridges
                o  No reconstitution
                o  No warming to room temperature
  • Heparinized whole blood samples
                o  D-dimer and cardiac markers – one sample. One run, one instrument
  • Substantial savings potential
                o  Single use TestPak Cartridges significantly reduce contamination
                    and open stability issues, reducing reagent waste
                o  Electronic QC (System Check) satisfies daily routine
                    QC requirements permitting liquid QC flexibility
                o  A negative D-dimer test in conjunction with a low pre-test
                    probability score can exclude PE and may reduce unnecessary
                    diagnostic imaging procedures


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