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International Cardiovascular Reference Center São Paulo

Hospital Sírio-Libanês, São Paulo, Brazil

The International Cardiovascular Reference Center in São Paulo is a result of many years of intensive collaboration between Siemens Healthcare and Hospital Sírio-Libanês in the areas of research development, workflow improvement, and education for non-invasive and invasive cardiology. The scope of the collaboration includes the establishment of a number of programs with a regional and international footprint that will enable knowledge sharing in clinical trainings and fellowships as well as the exchange of experience during clinical workflow visits. Open to medical professionals from all over the world, the reference center provides the opportunity to observe the most advanced medical equipment and to learn complex techniques in cardiology and cardiac surgery from clinical leaders.

International Cardiovascular Reference Center São Paulo

Exchanging experience
As a benchmark institution in Brazil and South America, Hospital Sírio-Libanês is the ideal setting to welcome interested visitors from around the world. The visit program at the Reference Center is tailored to the individual requirements of the guests and is led by experienced clinical specialists who present a variety of topic areas such as:

  • Advanced cardiac imaging – cardiac CT
  • Minimally invasive procedures in structural heart disease
  • Translational research – from bench to bedside


Sharing Knowledge
Hospital Sírio-Libanês and Siemens Healthcare will jointly design training and education offerings for healthcare professionals that cover topics including:

  • advanced cardiac CT imaging
  • advanced cardiac MR imaging
  • new interventional and image-guided procedures in cardiology
  • Hybrid OR – clinical, structural, and organizational standards


Driving the development of new solutions
In the framework of the partnership, the cardiology experts at Hospital Sírio-Libanês will be advisors to Siemens in the field of multimodality image integration and cross-modality evaluation. One focus of the collaboration will be the continuous improvement of image-guided therapies for cardiovascular disease, because it is essential to provide physicians with tools that enhance their clinical resources. Hospital Sírio-Libanês and Siemens are joining forces to evaluate clinical workflows and identify areas of opportunity in this field.

Two strong partners, one shared vision
“With the Reference Center, our partnership with Siemens Healthcare will reach a new level of scientific collaboration. This investment in research and education will help us bring numerous benefits to patients and improve access to high-quality healthcare.”
Dr. Giovanni Cerri, Member of the Board of Directors of Hospital Sírio-Libanês and responsible for General Radiology in the Diagnostic Center


"The mutual goal of our partnership with Hospital Sírio-Libanês is to improve clinical value and operational outcomes in cardiovascular care.
Together we will contribute to the ongoing transformation of healthcare toward a value-based delivery model.”

Dr. Norbert Gaus, CEO Customer Solutions Division, Siemens Healthcare

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