Cardiac Troponin

Cardiac Troponin
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ADVIA Centaur TnI-Ultra® Assay
The ADVIA Centaur® TnI-Ultra® assay provides clinicians with confidence to accurately rule out/in early acute myocardial infarction. The Acridinium Ester-based ADVIA Centaur TnI-Ultra assay is a highly precise assay that can measure very low concentrations of cardiac troponin I. This excellent precision exceeds the industry benchmark established by the Joint European Society of Cardiology/American College of Cardiology Committee of ≤10% CV at the 99th percentile of normal. The assay uses the patented high quantum yield AE (HQYAE) molecule which improved the analytical sensitivity by a factor of 5 over the previous ADVIA Centaur cTnI assay.

  • Supports rapid triage of chest pain patients and improves acute care workflow between serial measurements (6h reduced to 3h protocols) with a time to first result in 18 minutes or less.
  • Delivers confidence in the earlier detection of AMI with demonstrated clinically equivalent to high-sensitive cardiac troponin assays, meeting the guidelines criterion for ≤10%CV at the 99th percentile
  • Provides reliability in results with almost a decade in clinical practice


Assay Specifications

 ADVIA Centaur XP/CP
Product Code

02789602 (100 tests)

02790309 (500 tests)
Sample TypeSerum, Plasma (EDTA or Heparinized)
Sample Volume100 μL
Assay Range6 – 50,000 ng/L
Time to First Result18 minutes (XP) / 15 minutes (CP)
On-board Stability28 days
Calibration Interval28 days
Dilution2, 5, 10
Analytical Sensitivity6 ng/L
CV 10%30 ng/L
99th Percentile40 ng/L

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