Cardiac Troponin

Cardiac Troponin
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LOCI Cardiac Troponin I Assay

The LOCI® Cardiac Troponin I assay on the Dimension® EXL™ and Dimension Vista® systems meets the standard of performance for accurate and rapid results required for timely AMI diagnosis. Employing unique oxygen channeling technology provides greater precision and low background signal with minimal noise improves sensitivity.

  • Supports rapid triage of chest pain patients and improves acute care workflow between serial measurements (6h reduced to 3h protocols) with a time to first result in 12 minutes or less
  • Reduces the risk of interference with a low sample volume
  • Improves laboratory workflow with same tube troponin testing with other STAT chemistry assays
  • Delivers confidence in the earlier detection of AMI with demonstrated clinically equivalent to high-sensitive cardiac troponin assays, meeting the guidelines criterion for ≤10%CV at the 99th percentile

Assay Specifications

 Dimension EXL SystemsDimension Vista Systems
Product CodeRF621 (144 tests)K6421 (144 tests)
Sample TypeSerum, Plasma (Na or Li Heparin)Serum, Plasma (Na or Li Heparin)
Sample Volume20 μL20 μL
Assay Range17 – 40,000 ng/L15 - 40,000 ng/L
Time to First Result11 minutes12 minutes
On-board Stability

Sealed on-board (at 2-8° C): 30 days

Open well stability: 3 days

Sealed on-board (at 2-8° C): 30 days

Open well stability: 7 days
Calibration Interval21 days30 days
Diluent Manual dilution – 1:51:5
Limit of Detection17 ng/L15 ng/L
10% CV (Limit of Quantitation)50 ng/L40 ng/L
99th Percentile56 ng/L45 ng/L

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