Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure

More than just Green.

Sustainable Healthcare Infrastructure
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Siemens Green effects include: reduction of energy consumption; sustainable and careful use of resources; pollution reduction.

One success factor of Green+ Hospitals deals with ecological aspects, which can be summarized under green technologies concerning environmental care. Besides the reduction of energy consumption, we turn our attention to sustainable and careful use of resources and pollution reduction. This leads to better environmental care, lower costs, and increased quality.

A broad portfolio in the areas Infrastructure, IT and Medical Technology supports you in reaching green goals.


  • Cost savings up to 40%* thanks to optimized and modernized heating, ventilation and cooling
  • Optimized illumination control systems for more comfort and energy savings
  • Enhanced customized solutions, services, products, and technologies optimize the life-cycle performance for hospitals to achieve maximum energy savings, performance and sustainability without compromising comfort and life safety
  • Reduced travel efforts through optimized communications systems, e.g. video conferencing
  • Green patient multimedia infotainment
  • Desktop phones with reduced energy consumption


  • Transformational data center (consolidation and virtualization technologies)
  • Data center energy efficiency (file server storage reduction, and usage of ground water for air cooling in DC)
  • Green IC architectures = desktop and server virtualization (including hosted architectures)


Medical Technology:

  • Energy efficient medical technologies
  • Environmentally friendly operation of medical technologies
  • Careful use of resources in production and recycling of medical technologies


* Results may vary. Data on file.