Clinical pathways

Standardization and transparency within clinical patient care due to optimized clinical pathways have a share in reducing treatment expenses and at the same time in optimizing the quality of medical care. The Green+ Hospital approach addresses energy as well as quality aspects.

Significant characteristics

  • Building of clinical pathways for 5 indications
  • Reduction of the length of stay up to 46%* (change of endoprothesis)


Environmental value

  • Reduction of the length of stay decreases energy use per patient
  • Standardized clinical pathways increase process efficiency and optimize the quality of medical care - holistic Green+ Hospital approach


Customer value

  • Synchronal and complete overview of treatment expenses per patient due to path documentation
  • Enhancement of attractiveness due to quality management and optimization
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Feasibility to react in a fast way to needs of cost owners


*Data on file.