Energy efficiency

When the Bremerhaven/Reinkenheide Clinical Center with more than 700 beds opened its doors in 1976, it was the most modern hospital of its kind in the state of Bremen. It has continued to extend its leading position as a therapy and diagnostic center right up to the present day. By contrast, the productivity and efficiency of its building services installations have declined over the years, especially with regard to energy consumption. Primary energy costs amounted to some two million euros in 2004. There was an urgent need for extensive refurbishment and upgrading. Thanks to an Energy Management Performance Contract with Siemens, the Clinical Center is now achieving enormous savings.

Significant characteristics

  • A total of 120 separate measures taken which affect the building infrastructure (such as heating and cooling equipment, medical compressed-air supply, main low-voltage supply, steam sterilizers and the entire building automation facilities including the management system).
  • Annual cost savings for energy: 520,000 €*
  • For instance, the power required to generate steam for air conditioning, cooking and sterilization has been reduced by 6,200 MWh* or 72%*. The air conditioning systems outside of the operating or intensive care areas now only start heating when outdoor temperatures drop to 2°C.
  • Load-demand heat supply to the building represents an additional major source of potential savings. The use of highly efficient circulating pumps enables some 50 MWh* of electricity to be saved annually.
  • Upgrading the heating circuit control system enables room temperatures in certain parts of the building to be reduced during the night, i.e. outside their hours of use. The energy savings on room heating amounts to 5,000 MWh* or 50%*.
  • The Bremerhaven/Reinkenheide Clinical Center has achieved a milestone in terms of installation quality, sustained cost economies and energy optimization.

Environmental value

  • Reduced energy consumption by more than 25%*.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 4,100 tons* annually.


Customer value

  • The Clinical Center is saving 520,000 €* in energy costs annually.
  • Siemens Energy Savings Performance Contracting guarantees annual energy savings of 25%*.
  • Increases building value and patient comfort.


Klinikum Bremerhaven Reinkenheide
The extensive modernization activities lead to more comfort for patients and staff, reduced the energy costs, and lead to tremendous cost reductions.


* Data on file.