Transforming a hospital from gray to green

St. Joseph Hospital in Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany is an advanced care hospital with 475 beds and around 1,100 staff. It has entrusted Gegenbauer Health Care Services (GHC) with operating its building technology facilities. In 2007, when GHC determined the hospital needed renovations totaling approximately €3 million, it started looking around for an innovative financing concept. To take the pressure off the budget, the hospital’s supporting organization Katholische Wohltätigkeitsanstalt zur heiligen Elisabeth (St. Elizabeth Catholic charitable foundation) chose Siemens’ energy management performance contracting as its modernization and financing strategy. Using this approach, the hospital’s facilities will be modernized within the framework of a 15-year contract.

Significant characteristics

  • Modernize the drinking water heating system and the heat networks; install highly efficient circulating pumps and mini combi-valves with pressure differential regulation
  • Set up a decentralized electric steam system
  • Upgrade the existing heat recovery system and optimize the ventilation systems by installing a high-efficiency heat recovery register
  • Optimize and make flexible the refrigeration supply, chilled water distribution net, and recooling system by adapting temperatures and flow rates as needed
  • Set up the new DESIGO building automation system with around 2,500 data points; nearly all cables, sensors, and actuators of the old system will be reused
  • Retrofit or replace the conventional ballasts and T8 bulbs with highly efficient T5 technology from Osram


Environmental value

  • Active climate protection by reducing CO2 emissions by approx. 1,300 tons per year*
  • Ongoing process optimization through joint continuous consumption monitoring by Siemens and GHC


Customer and patient value

  • Contractually fixed energy-saving goal: €325,000 or 23.8 percent below the 2007 energy consumption level*
  • Guaranteed energy savings over €4.8 million within contract period related to energy pricing 2008 (heating oil) and 2009 (electricity)*


* Data on file