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Act on Radiology

Assess. Change. Treat. For excellent processes in a radiology departement.

Act on Radiology offers new opportunities for the assessment and improvement of clinical structures and processes.
The services offered by a radiology department are key components to the clinical supply chain as medical imaging and diagnostics are an important basis for therapy decisions made every day. For precise, fast, high-quality results, it is essential to optimize clinical processes within the radiology department and to its interfaces, like referring physicians.

healthcare Consulting Solutions - Act on Radiology


How do you deal with constantly increasing performance requirements?
How do you ensure the optimal utilization rate of your radiology department with its highly qualified employees and the associated cost-intensive modalities?
How do you continuously ensure the satisfaction of your referring physicians?

The new approach
With Act on Radiology, Siemens Healthcare Consulting has created a new consulting approach specifically focused on process improvement of the radiology department. Based on a systematic model, encompassing international standards, clinical guidelines, the latest scientific results and clinical best practice expertise, Act on Radiology rates the maturity level of complex clinical processes on a scale of 1 to 5.
Derived from this analysis, Act on Radiology offers specific optimization opportunities, focused on improving the radiology-associated workflows in your clinical environment.

Experiences that speak for themselves

„Within the scope of the consulting project “Act on Radiology”, problem areas were exactly defined and the right sore points exposed. The improvement suggestions consisted of specific measures with impressive detail. It is astonishing, what Siemens Healthcare Consulting found in such a short period of time. ”
Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Lotz;
Medical director, Department for Diagnostic Radiologie, Universitätsklinikum Göttingen


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