Our Consulting Team

Our successful consulting team is specialized in healthcare and has extensive experience and consulting competence with regard to clinical and administrative processes and medical technology. We analyze your situation and develop concepts tailored to your needs. We support you during implementation. Together we will yield measurable results with a sustainable benefit.


Our asset is an interdisciplinary team with deep knowledge of inpatient and outpatient processes acquired through their education and professional experience.
Most of our team members have two professional degrees including a doctor’s degree. The majority of our consultants have previously worked as physicians, nurses, consultants, controllers, management experts, and health economists in clinics.

Business Excellence

  • Experts with experience in hospital management, investment, banking, and health economy

 Clinical excellence

  • MDs with specialization in radiology, neurology, surgery, internal medicine, and cardiology
  • Most combined with an MBA or other in-depth scientific background

  Technological excellence

  • Physicists, engineers, and information scientists
  • Specialists with years of experience in the IT and technology business