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What is Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES)?

Innovative Medical Technology and Equipment

Siemens Healthcare offers a Managed Equipment Service (MES) solution to hospitals as part of Public Private Partnerships (PPP). MES allows you to take care of your patients, while Siemens takes care of the technology.


What is PPP?
Public Private Partnership (PPP) is an arrangement, in which the private sector participates in the supply of assets and services traditionally provided by the government. A PPP is usually characterized by the following:

  • A duration of typically 15 to 40 years
  • The private partners deliver a certain service
  • In return, the government pays a unitary charge (or user charge) to the private partners
  • Emphasis on a whole-life approach (construction and operational phase)
  • Risk-sharing between the public and private sector


What is MES?
A Managed Equipment Service (MES) is a flexible and specialized partnership with a private sector service provider, like Siemens, to provide access to innovative medical technology and equipment. This is typically over a period of 10-25 years (sometimes longer), for a fixed annual fee.

An MES manages all equipment concerns throughout the entire contract life-time, including ownership, provision, purchase, installation and commissioning, user training, asset management, maintenance and ongoing replacement. Siemens offers a so-called ‘multi-vendor’ MES. This means non-Siemens products can be provided within the service.

A Siemens MES enables you to concentrate on what's most important - patient care.



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