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Aptio Automation

Advance your laboratory’s productivity.

Engineered to support an unlimited number of analyzer and module connections, Aptio® Automation solutions satisfy the demands of your current testing environment and accommodate future expansion with:

  • A comprehensive selection of pre- and post-analytical modules that automate sample loading, preparation, and handling to free lab staff from time-consuming, low-value tasks
  • Siemens’ portfolio of mid- and high-volume, automation-ready analyzers that support more than 800 clinical chemistry, immunoassay, hematology, and hemostasis tests
  • Established interfaces to numerous third-party* analyzers that enable routine and specialty testing
  • Simultaneous STAT and routine testing on a single track—with optional front-loading to Siemens instruments
  • Streamlined workflows and result management driven by rules-based informatics customized for your lab
  • Integrated IT capabilities that support multisite connectivity—including stand-alone systems
  • Flexible track design options that make it easy to accommodate floor space allocations and fixtures
  • Phased implementation plans to help minimize disruption to your ongoing operations

*Connectivity to third-party analyzers is not available in all countries. Analyzer availability may vary by country, and connectivity will require manufacturer agreement. Please contact your local Siemens representative for further information.

Aptio® Automation delivers measureable gains in efficiency by driving the intelligent and coordinated operation of automation components, diagnostic analyzers, and high-performance assays. In addition to providing the capacity needed to satisfy peak volumes, this highly integrated approach effectively manages hour-to-hour fluctuations in demand to standardize processes, reduce errors, balance instrument workloads, and achieve consistent and predictable turnaround times for both STAT and routine samples.

  • Multiple options for sample loading, sorting, off-loading, and disposal
  • Single-sample flow in independent carriers
  • Intelligent, test-driven, tube routing that is responsive to analyzer conditions (e.g., onboard reagent/consumable status, instrument flags, analyzer availability, etc.)
  • Point-in-space and primary-tube sampling on a continuous flow track engineered to prevent sample congestion
  • Centralized control from single location and quick access to samples with specimen tracking
  • Integrated IT that combines sample, result, and QC management and supports development of customized workflows

Highly proficient teams of Siemens consultants design and implement Aptio® Automation solutions using best practices refined during more than 1400 first-, second-, and third-generation track-based automation implementations worldwide since 1998.

  • Customize a sustainable solution under the guidance of Lean Healthcare-accredited experts who are experienced in Six Sigma methodologies and perform approximately 900 workflow consultations per year.
  • Improve and standardize processes using value stream mapping and dimensional floor plan simulations to decrease non-value-added activity, reduce waste, and allocate work areas.
  • Set achievable benchmarks for current and future throughput, TAT, and resource utilization using reliable workflow models, data-driven simulations, and optimization modeling.
  • Rely on Siemens expertise in workflow analysis, project management, and customer support to design, install, validate, and monitor your solution for continued productivity improvements.
  • Reach new levels of operational efficiency with customer care that includes system services, IT services, user services, and management services.

Aptio Automation is manufactured by Inpeco and is exclusively distributed by Siemens Healthcare. Inpeco is a trademark of Inpeco SA.

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*Source: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics shipment reports, 1998–January 2016.

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