Aptio Automation

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Aptio Automation
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Maximize your use of space and staff by customizing a solution that make sense for your laboratory’s workload. Aptio® Automation has been engineered to connect an unlimited* number of high-performance modules and diagnostic analyzers and can accommodate multiple tube sizes simultaneously to eliminate the need to standardize tubes. Download comprehensive technical specifications for automation modules.

Diagnostic Testing Instruments

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of mid- to high-volume analyzers that help optimize track performance using automation-ready designs and the data-rich flow of information to Aptio Automation’s integrated user interface. Visit the following product web pages to learn more.


Immunoassay Systems

Plasma Protein Systems

Open Connectivity Options

Abbott∞Clinical ChemistryARCHITECT C8000 and C16000
ImmunoassayARCHITECT I2000SR
Beckman Coulter∞Clinical ChemistryAU5800 Series
ImmunoassayUNICEL DXI 800
Bio-Rad∞ImmunoassayBIOPLEX 2200
Copan∞MicrobiologyWASP DT§ (and WASPLAB§)
Diagonostica Stago∞CoagulationSTA R MAX, MAX 2, STA-R EVOLUTION and EVOLUTION EXPERT
DiaSorin∞ImmunoassayLIAISON XL
Fujirebio∞ImmunoassayLUMIPULSE G1200
Helena∞Protein ElectrophoresisV8 and V8 NEXUS
Instrumentation Laboratory∞CoagulationACL TOP 750 LAS and 700 LAS
Roche∞Chemistry and/or ImmunoassayCOBAS 8000 Series
Sebia∞Protein ElectrophoresisCAPILLARYS 3 TERA TLA
Snibe∞ImmunoassayMAGLUMI 4000 PLUS§, 2000 PLUS§ and 2000§
Sysmex∞CoagulationSysmex® CS-5100 System
HematologySysmex® XN-9000 System† and XN-9100 System
Thermo Fisher∞AllergyPHADIA 1000
Tosoh∞HbA1cG11 and G8
Trinity Biotech∞HbA1cPREMIER HB9210§

Please consult with your local Siemens Healthineers representative about non-Siemens analyzer interfaces that may be available in your region. The non-Siemens vendor would need to be in agreement to allow connectivity to Aptio Automation. Consult third-party manufacturers and/or vendors for technical requirements associated with non-Siemens instrumentation.

Post-analytical Modules

Input/Output Module (IOM)

  • Provides common location for sample input and output.
  • Enables rapid input and prioritization of STAT samples.
  • Integrates serum, plasma, whole-blood, and urine sample loading.
  • Manages capped/uncapped and spun/unspun samples.
  • Performs automated sample check-in.
  • Returns problem samples (e.g., misread bar code, missing work order, others) to priority lane for attention.
  • Enables operators to quickly retrieve requested samples.

Aliquotter Module (AM)

  • Allows the production of multiple secondary tubes (daughter tubes) from a primary sample to be used on off-line analyzers or to be used as send-outs to other departments or external laboratories.
  • Improves operator safety by avoiding manual splitting of the sample.
  • Saves operator time and increases workflow productivity by eliminating manual steps.
  • Avoids sample carryover by utilizing disposable tips.
  • Assigns identical or different sample identifier numbers to aliquots to facilitate continued testing. 

Tube Sealer Module (TSM)

  • Applies foil seal to help maintain sample integrity during storage.
  • Reduces exposure to biohazards by decreasing manual handling.
  • Saves operator time by eliminating manual tasks. 

Storage Retrieval and Disposal Module (SRM)

  • Increases productivity with automated storage retrieval and disposal.
  • Improves operator safety by reducing manual handling.
  • Automates disposal of samples according to their preset time limit.
  • Reduces time to locate and retrieve samples.
  • Fits workload and space requirements with multiple-size modules. 

Desealer Module (DSM)

  • Increases safety by automating tube desealing process.
  • Reduces manual operations for better staff utilization.
  • Supports fully automated reruns, reflexes, and add-on testing requests.

Aliquot Capper Module (ACM)

  • Closes secondary tubes with plastic screw caps to allow transportation to other departments or external labs (send-outs).
  • Reduces manual operations for increased safety, productivity, and better staff utilization. 

Rack Output Module (ROM)

  • Allows fast sample unloading from the system.
  • Supports high sample throughput.
  • Works with multiple tube sizes simultaneously—eliminates need to standardize tubes.

High-capacity Waste Module§

  • Supports bulk accumulation of disposed samples.
  • Allows longer intervals between biohazard disposal.
  • Increases convenience for better staff utilization.

Flexible Track Design

L-Turn, T-Intersection, and U-Turn Modules

  • Allows solution configurations to meet individual laboratory needs.
  • Offers customized, efficient sample workflow.
  • Provides for space-efficient layouts.
  • Helps minimize renovation costs.

Automation Module Divert Lane

  • Reroutes samples as needed to task-oriented modules.
  • Prevents congestion of samples by bypassing module processing that is not required.


Integrated Data Management

Rules-based informatics to increase productivity and provide consistent quality**

  • Intelligent routing: test prioritization, tube type, sorting, disposal
  • STAT prioritization
  • Reflex testing criteria
  • Integrated QC
  • Add-on test management
  • One-click sample retrieval
  • Autoverification
  • Exception management
  • Instrument status
  • Module status, and more

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*Customized IT hardware architecture may be required.

Atellica Direct Connect under development. Not available for sale. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.

§Under development. Not available for sale. Future availability is not guaranteed.

∞Connectivity to third-party analyzers may not be available in all countries. Analyzer availability may vary by country, and connectivity will require manufacturer agreement. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers representative for further information.

†Not all configurations supported. Configurations should be verified by Sysmex.

**Some functionality may be subject to LIS capabilities or require Atellica® Data Manager or CentraLink® Data Management System.

Aptio Automation is manufactured by Inpeco and is exclusively distributed by Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Aptio is a trademark of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. Inpeco is a trademark of Inpeco SA.

The products/features mentioned here are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.