Mammomat Inspiration ile Stereotaktik Biyopsi

Biyopsiye kolay ve zahmetsiz geçiş

Mammomat Inspiration ile Stereotaktik Biyopsi
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Prepare system:
Simply slide the biopsy unit over the detector and all hardware and software configuration settings will automatically switch to the stereotactic biopsy mode.


Load patient data from RIS:
Once prepared, the system offers a preset biopsy procedure, so it's just click and go.


Acquire scout and stereo images:
Without walking to and from the system, as tube angulation is controlled directly on the AWS.


Set target and send to biopsy unit:
Start this fully automated step with just one click.


On-target positioning:
For vertical and lateral access to lesions.


Get pre-/post-fired images:
All information available on a single monitor.


Perform biopsy:
With a large variety of needle types, including vacuum core, core, fine, and localization needles from various vendors. 


At the end of the procedure you have the option of adding images such as control mammograms and specimen to the same dataset.

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