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3T’nin anahtarı.

With MAGNETOM Spectra we are closing the gap between brilliant 3T imaging and cost sensitivity. MAGNETOM Spectra combines outstanding 3T image quality and typical Siemens product quality.

"MAGNETOM Spectra was an excellent choice. It has given us 3T capability. It produces high-resolution images and it fulfilled all of our expectations – from head to toe. (...)
Of course economics is one of the major important issues. Funding for any MRI is a big issue. To make any project successful the total cost of ownership should be less. Siemens has brought in a 3 Tesla with the latest technology. If 3T MAGNETOM Spectra would not have been offered to us, we would not have gone into the 3T segment at all."
Dr. K. Saravanan
Chief Radiologist & Owner, Saravana Scans
Chennai, India

Proof points for quality

  • Siemens 3T image quality
  • Tim 4G integrated coil technology with DirectRF
    - Higher accuracy, resolution and signal to noise
    - 24 receive channels for up to 120 coil elements
    - High density coil arrays, head-to-toe
  • Best-in-class 3T image homogeneity with TimTX TrueForm
  • Maximum range of clinical applications
  • Outstanding image consistency and high reproducibility with Dot


“In using MAGNETOM Spectra, we find that the fat suppression and homogeneity of images are excellent. And we are able to see especially parts that were difficult to image before, which are curve parts especially around the neck, which we find that is a problem area. For the abdominal imaging we find that the 3T provides better images than the current 1.5 tesla machine that we are using. If we had a choice we would put all our patients in the 3T machine - because of the improved resolution and the clarity of the images.” 1
Prof. Dr. Francis Lau
Head of Radiology Department, Island Hospital
Penang, Malaysia

Proof points for usability

  • Dot engines - easy and guided
    - One-click exam strategy selection to adapt your scan planning to different patient conditions
    - Automatic positioning with AutoFoV for a consistent and fast set-up
    - Synchronized timing of scanning and breathing with AutoVoice Commands
  • Tim 4G integrated coil technology
    - Highly flexible and scalable to the anatomy of the patient
    - Ultra lightweight coils are easy to carry and position
    - Easy coil connection with the Siemens unique SlideConnect and DirectConnect
  • Easy and comfortable patient set-up with the patient-table-integrated 24-element spine coil


“MAGNETOM Spectra gave us the Dot engine. It simplifies MRI scanning. And helps us to make the diagnosis easier and quicker.” 1
Dr. Zou Li Qiu
Radiologist, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital
Shenzhen, China

"We are so busy. How to reduce scanning time is very important to us. I think MAGNETOM SPECTRA can reduce the scanning time, because it's easy to use - in some scanning up to 30%." 1
Qi Yu Long
Technologist, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital
Shenzhen, China

Proof points for patient care

  • Access to premium patient care with cutting-edge 3T technology
  • Easy and streamlined workflow with Dot
  • Fast scans enabled by Tim 4G
  • Maximum system uptime due to our service strategy, providing undisturbed examination workflow
  • One user interface and one common reading solution for all modalities with syngo and syngo.via
  • Fast break even due to optimum TCO (Total cost of ownership)
  • Low operating cost through multiple measures like the optimized cooling system and state-of-the-art zero helium boil-off technology
  • Low installation cost through small footprint and fast installation

“In this country prevention medicine is very popular. In our hospital more than 200 patients are following up with small aneurisms. We have 3 or 4 patients proofed that it was not an aneurism, using 3T MRI. It was only like a loop of the normal vessels…very good for the patient. They really want to get examination with 3T MRI…I can now say that MAGNETOM Spectra is one of our best investments.” 1
Dr. Wakabayashi
Director & Brain surgeon, Kajikawa Hospital
Hiroshima, Japan

Image the true form of the anatomy.

Solution for:

  • Excellent B1 homogeneity
  • Anatomy-specific optimization
  • SAR reduction

Your benefits:

  • High image quality
  • Faster speed
  • Excellent clinical performance

1 Siemens'in müşterileri hakkındaki açıklamalar müşterinin kendi ortamlarında aldıkları sonuçlara dayanmaktadır. "Tipik" bir hastane tanımı olmadığından ve pek çok değişken mevcut olduğundan (örn. hastane büyüklüğü, vaka karması, bilişim teknolojileri benimseme seviyeleri) diğer müşterilerin aynı sonuçları elde edeceğinin garantisi yoktur.

2 Sonuçlar değişiklik gösterebilir. Yayınlanmamış verilerdir.

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