MR görüntüleme için syngo.via

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MR görüntüleme için syngo.via
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syngo.via is a software solution intended to be used for viewing, manipulating, communicating, and temporarily storing medical images. It can be used as a stand-alone device or together with a variety of cleared and unmodified syngo®.via based software options.

System overview

Software architecture, functionality, usability and interaction of syngo.via:

Client-server architecture

  • The server processes and renders the data from the connected modalities
  • The client provides the user interface


Multi Server Access

  • Allows easy access from one client to up to three syngo.via servers


Findings reporting

  • Findings and measurements are tracked and listed by the Findings Navigator
  • syngo.via creates a context-specific report based on findings and snapshots


User interaction concept

  • Workflow guidance and context-sensitive tool sets
  • One-click access to a patient
  • Up to 2 patient cases can be loaded simultaneously
  • Quick work lists allow fast access to patient data
  • Corner menus in each segment allow fast access to tools while eyes remain focused on images
  • Automatic tracking of findings and measurements by the unique Findings Navigator

Applications and Engine concept

A broad variety of clinical applications1 are available for syngo.via, either as single applicationsor as groups, referred to as Engines. There are two levels: “Engine” and “Engine Pro”.

A tailored processing and evaluation solution

  • The Engine level: addresses the needs of users who regularly work in a specific clinical field
  • The Engine Pro level: can be ordered on top of the Engine level, provides advanced imaging functionality and automatic features for state-of-the art reading

MR Multi-Modality Routine Reading

syngo.via comes with the following multi-modality reading functionality and applications, suitable for many needs in the clinical routine.

syngo.via included features

  • Image manipulation: Zoom, pan, window
  • Image evaluation: Distance, Angle, Marker, Region of interest, Volume of interest, Arrow, Pixel lens
  • Image presentation: 2D, MPR, MPR thick, MPR/MPR fusion, MIP, MIP thin, MinIP, VRT
  • Image processing: Clip plane slab, Clip box, Punching, Bone removal, Table removal, Parallel & radial ranges, 2D & 3D reference lines, 3D reference point Movie (incl. export)


syngo.via common features

  • Case Navigator
  • Findings Navigator
  • AutoSorting
  • AutoProcessing
  • AutoLayouts
  • Flexible application change

syngo.MR Reading1 includes

  • Basic workflow
  • Workflow customization
  • Follow-up support
  • Re-scan handling

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1Application features are parts of medical products in their own rights and fully compatible with syngo.via.

2Under FDA review. Not available for sale in the U.S.