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Pediatric MRI

Caring for our youngest and most vulnerable

Expand pediatric1 MRI beyond brain imaging

A wide range of revolutionary features and applications gives you high-quality, high-resolution images, even in challenging cases. From free-breathing abdominal imaging, extremely short breathholds, to high-resolution DWI – we revolutionize what’s possible.

Advanced coil technology allows excellent anatomical resolution

Head/neck imaging with several fat suppression techniques to choose from

Trendsetting applications for high resolution and fast body imaging

Up to whole-body vessels visualization support therapy planning

Flex coil can be wrapped around an individual hip for focused signal

Improved workflow for fast, high resolution knee imaging

Learn more about the University Children's Hospital Basel's experience

Free-breathing, contrast-enhanced body imaging

Free-breathing StarVIBE compared to conventional MR imaging

Children1, may not be able to hold their breath for contrast-enhanced imaging of the abdomen. StarVIBE2 is robust to motion artifacts and makes free-breathing and contrast-enhanced exams possible.

Your benefits:

  • Patients can breathe freely throughout the scan
  • High-resolution, diagnostic images free from motion artifacts


High-resolution 3D imaging with reduced breath-hold times

Liver imaging with CAIPIRINHA
Liver imaging with CAIPIRINHA

Liver imaging can now be performed in 10 seconds. CAIPIRINHA is a parallel imaging data acquisition technique that can be combined with 3D T1 VIBE or 3D Dixon and offers four contrasts (in phase, opposed phase, fat, and water) in a single breath-hold.

Your benefits:

  • Higher SNR
  • Higher PAT factors are enabled with excellent image quality
  • Used pattern distribute k-space points more uniformly
  • Reduced patient stress by reducing breath-holds


Outstanding diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI)

Drop metastases to the spine, 2 year old female

RESOLVE delivers diffusion-weighted images with high anatomical accuracy enabling better detection and delineation of small lesions in the brain and spine.

Your benefits:

  • High-quality, high-resolution DWI and DTI for brain and spine
  • Reduced susceptibility and blurring artifacts
  • Insensitivity to motion-induced phase errors
  • Reduced SAR in comparison to TSE-based methods


1 The safety of imaging infants under two years of age has not been established.
The responsible physician must evaluate the benefits of the MR examination compared to those of other imaging procedures.

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