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Outstanding DWI diagnostic performance with RESOLVE
The clinical impact of RESOLVE has been shown in a variety of examinations, including the brain, skull base, spine, breast, prostate, pelvis and rectum. Compared to alternative methods RESOLVE brings the best balance of imaging speed and quality.


  • High-quality, high-resolution DWI and DTI
  • Reduced susceptibility and blurring artifacts
  • Insensitivity to motion-induced phase errors
  • Reduced SAR in comparison to TSE-based methods
  • iPAT compatible for faster scans and further reduced distortions


RESOLVE uses the same diffusion preparation as single-shot EPI, however, the k-space trajectory is divided into multiple segments in the readout direction, which allows for a TE and and an encoding-time reduction increasing image quality.

  • Readout-segmented, multi-shot EPI for reduced TE and encoding time
  • Motion correction with 2D phase navigator and real-time image reacqusition for unusable data
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High Resolution Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Using Readout-Segmented Echo-Planar Imaging, Parallel Imaging and a Two-Dimensional Navigator-Based Reacquisition.
(Porter & Heidemann)

Additional information
The diffusion rate of water molecules in different tissues correlates with their physiological state, and may be altered in disease. Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) enables visualization and measurement of abnormal diffusivity, revealing lesions which may go unnoticed with conventional anatomical MR or CT imaging alone. The practical clinical value of DWI is well established. Despite some challenges in certain body regions, particularly at higher field strengths, DWI is now broadly used in clinical routine.

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