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5th International syngo.via User Meeting at ECR 2015

March 6, 2015, Melia, Donau-City-Str. 7, 1220 Vienna, Austria

5th International syngo.via User Meeting

On March 6, 2015, more than 180 participants enjoyed the 5th International syngo.via1 User Meeting at the Melia Hotel in Vienna.


The evening started with inspiring presentations by three syngo.via experts. Dr. Jean-Paul Abecassis from Imagerie Centre Paris in France and Dr. Philipp Lust from the Medical Center Wels-Grieskirchen in Austria talked about the syngo.via 2015 version illustrated by live demonstrations. They were followed by Dr. Florian Lietzmann form the Medical Faculty Mannheim-Heidelberg University who presented syngo.via Frontier2, which is the gateway to the Siemens research environment. Last but not least Dr. Thomas Friese, VP Innovations & Digital Services SYNGO at Siemens Healthcare, gave some insights into teamplay3, a network that brings together healthcare professionals and patients in order to advance medicine and human health.

After these inspiring expert presentations, participants further engaged in fruitful discussions, the "Access Bar”, where customers could discuss and get hands-on experience with the syngo.via 2015 version.  


Enjoy these inspiring presentations:

Dr. Philipp Lust

Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen, Austria

Dr. Jean Paul Abécassis

Imagerie Paris Centre, France

Dr. Florian Lietzmann

Heidelberg University, Medical Faculty Mannheim, Germany

Thomas Friese

Siemens Healthcare, Medical Imaging Software - syngo

1 syngo.via can be used as a standalone device or together with a variety of syngo.via-based softwareoptions, which are medical devices in their own right. syngo.via VB10 and the syngo.via VB10 based software options are currently under development, and not for sale in the U.S., China and other countries. Due to regulatory reasons its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

2 Not for clinical use

3 Note: Please refer to your sales representative whether the product is available for your country

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