Explora FDG4

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Explora FDG4
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Explora™ FDG4 can produce four sequential FDG runs, back-to-back, without user intervention with a single setup. Operator interaction with the module is minimal, and with just a 20-minute setup, Explora FDG4 is capable of multi-curie FDG production.


Standard recipes for FDG, leak checking, and cleaning are provided. The module has user feedback that is useful in service procedures and process development as well. The module supports the recovery of 18O - H2O. An option is available to include a medical-grade isolation transformer (in order to meet Japanese regulations). In addition, Explora FDG4 is controlled using a Windows®-based graphical user interface offering both convenience and flexibility.

Key Benefits

• 4 runs; single setup
• Minimal custom parts
• Upgradeable to General Nucleophilic mode
• Module measures the reagents – no pre-measuring required
• Adaptive evaporations with infrared temperature measurement
• Recipe-builder software with chemistry unit operations
• Remote diagnostics
• 1-year warranty



  • Stand-alone FDG synthesis module that utilizes a single closed-reaction vessel and a vessel heater system that operates two separate zones; each zone is heated or cooled independently
  • 45-minute synthesis
  • 65% decay-corrected yield
  • Performs up to four sequential runs of FDG without intervention
  • Accepts up to 9 Ci (333 GBq) of 18F - [F-]
  • Module performs reagent measurements
  • No measuring of reagents (kit ready)


  • Minimal operator interaction, 20-minute set-up and FDG4 is ready for multicurie FDG production
  • Module performs reagents measurements
  • Novel recipe-building software for customized chemistry
  • Remote diagnostic capability
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • All data recorded for playback can verify performance in trapping, labeling, hydrolysis
  • Synthesis data synopsis guides performance improvement
  • Minimal custom parts (uses conventional disposable glassware)
  • Provides rich user feedback (radiation, temperature, pressure sensors) and comprehensive monitoring of synthesis steps through five radiation detectors (one at each trap-and-release column and one at the reaction vessel),  an infrared feedback on reaction vessel temperature and a reaction vessel pressure gauge
  • High uptime for busy production sites: Mean Time to Repair (MTTR):  <2 hours


  • < Half the labor and < 2% of the dose to operator
  • Extremely low emissions


  • Four runs/day with > 20 Ci production yield of FDG

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