Explora One

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Explora One
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One Easy, Integrated Workflow

Explora One integrates all the required equipment for the production of 18F imaging biomarkers into one system. An easy cassette-based setup with integrated automated workflow virtually eliminates user error. Quality compliance is simplified with features including tiered individual user logins and a single biomarker specific production report. Remote connectivity via browser-based software allows users to operate and troubleshoot easily, thereby improving production efficiency and, with Siemens Remote Customer Support, users can leverage a global network for fast diagnostics and high uptime.

Equipment Integration


  • Integrated synthesis, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) purification and reformulation
  • Single mini-cell footprint saves laboratory space and reduces equipment costs
  • Lower total cost of ownership with less equipment maintenance and servicing


Easy Workflow


  • Simple to learn with single, integrated user interface and easy cassette-based system setup
  • Increased production reliability with one automated and integrated workflow
  • Easy cassette-based system setup minimizes user errors and improves overall workflow and production efficiency

Simplified Quality Compliance


  • cGMP and FDA 21 CFR Part 11** compliance supported by:

       • tiered individual user accounts

       • restricted access to logs and records

       • integrated biomarker-specific reports

  • Disposable cassettes with single-use fluid pathway minimizes the need for cleaning validation for a majority of compounds and minimizes risk of contamination


Efficient Connectivity


  • Browser-based user interface enables remote operation, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Ability to run multiple modules from a single computer reduces the cost of multiple computer setups and saves lab space
  • Siemens Remote Customer Support provides rapid diagnostics to maximize uptime


* Current good manufacturing practice

** US Food and Drug Administration

One System, Infinite Possibilities

Explora One is a non-proprietary cassette-based solution that provides the flexibility to source consumables from a range of vendors for a potentially wider variety of PET imaging biomarkers. Explora One features an open development mode allowing for the creation and development of new synthesis sequences, further expanding the variety of imaging biomarkers that may be offered. In addition, the comprehensive system integration combined with the development mode feature allows for the production of
newly released amyloid imaging biomarkers, making Explora One the solution of choice.

Imaging Biomarker Variety


  • Non-proprietary cassette-based system enables consumable sourcing from multiple vendors for a wider variety of imaging biomarker selection
  • Multiple consumable suppliers drives competitive pricing of consumables
  • More than eight imaging biomarkers currently available


Flexible Production Sequence


  • Development mode for imaging biomarker production allows end users to create new production sequences to expand offerings and share with colleagues
  • Utilize and/or improve production sequences


Flexible Imaging Biomarker Production


  • Comprehensive integrated production system supports complex imaging biomarker sythesis processes
  • Cassette-based disposable fluid pathway enables easy switching between imaging biomarkers


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