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The future of PET/CT

The next generation of PET/CT

A commitment of innovation that has helped define the standard of patient care

Our roots go back to 1895, where the fascinating story of imaging began. For the first time, when Conrad Roentgen performed an X-ray of his wife’s hand, an inside view of the human body was achieved without physical intervention. This was the starting point for medical imaging as we know it today.

X-ray of Conrad Roentgen's wife’s hand

Reiniger, Gebbert & Schall, a company in Erlangen, Germany, produced additional images for Conrad Roentgen, and in 1948, together with Werner von Siemens, established the Siemens-Reiniger-Werke AG, which quickly became the world's largest company specializing in electrical medicine.

Since then, Siemens has been active in the field of molecular imaging. From the beginnings at Nuclear Chicago, and the development of the first camera to image organ functionality, our industry “firsts” have helped improve outcomes and reduce costs. Today, we continue to leverage our network to offer customers innovative molecular imaging solutions around the world.

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