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Imaging Life

Looking more than a decade into the future, Siemens experts, in collaboration with opinion leaders around the world, predict an increasingly varied, important and prosperous role for molecular imaging (MI) in medicine.

Pictures of the Future

In the years to come, MI, at least in some circumstances, could be used to guide biopsies; genetic profiling will identify patients at risk for certain cancers that can be evaluated with in vitro diagnostics and molecular imaging; and new bio tracers will allow better targeting of pathologies, just as they will be combined with therapeutic doses to treat patients.

These possibilities and more were uncovered as part of a project initiated by Siemens Molecular Imaging Pictures of the Future project. The initiative began with Siemens experts analyzing hundreds of trends in medicine. They selected those most likely to have significant impact on MI, developed hypotheses as to what those impacts might be and then field tested their predictions through interviews with MI leaders in North America, Europe, Brazil, China and India.

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