Minimum Dose, Maximum Speed

The world’s first and only ultra-fast myocardial perfusion imaging solution for general-purpose SPECT cameras

Minimum Dose, Maximum Speed
Bizle İletişime Geçin

Conventional reconstruction algorithms do not fully account for detector motions, deflections of the gantry, collimator hole size and shape, and distance from the patient to the detectors. This may result in artifacts and truncation that can affect image quality. For example, gravitational deflections of the detector heads during gantry rotation can potentially degrade tomographic resolution.

After data acquisition is complete the study is transferred to the first user workstation for reconstruction. The advanced IQ•SPECT reconstruction method is a proprietary implementation of a conjugate-gradient iterative reconstruction algorithm. The algorithm is optimized to accurately reflect the measured geometry of the SMARTZOOM collimators and the cardio-centric orbit of the detectors.


A 3D measurement of gantry deflection allows correction of gantry motion based image distortions. Measurements of hole size, shape and pointing direction for all 48,000 holes in the SMARTZOOM collimator enables accurate image reconstruction.


The IQ•SPECT construction method has been developed to achieve the following objectives:


  • It maintains the same reconstructed resolution as LEHR collimators in a non-circular orbit
  • It realizes the four-fold sensitivity gain of the SMARTZOOM collimator
  • It corrects for the effects of patient attenuation, scatter and motion
  • It performs reconstruction in a clinically acceptable time