Symbia S

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Symbia S
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Work with confidence

What does it mean to work with confidence? It’s clarity — not only the image clarity — but the clarity of mind you can obtain from viewing images in which you have high measures of clinical certainty. Symbia™ S SPECT helps ensure this clarity through its HD detection system, featuring unique AUTOFORM collimators combined with advanced iterative reconstruction.


  • Symbia provides best-in-class image quality with industry-leading NEMA sensitivity of 202 cpm/uCi*
  • ½-dose imaging with Flash, our iterative reconstruction solution


  • Flash iterative reconstruction virtually doubles patient throughput
  • AUTOFORM collimators enable higher sensitivity for rapid SPECT imaging


  • Potentially increase revenue by scanning more patients with Flash and HD detectors
  • Advanced SPECT applications can lead to higher number of referrals

* Based on competitive literature at time of publication. Data on file.

Accelerate your workflow

Efficiency and speed go hand-in-hand. You not only need accurate information that provides diagnostic and therapeutic confidence, but you also need it quickly. Symbia is designed to help you do more with less effort. Patient set-up is faster thanks to an array of automation features. Scan times and processing are also quicker with advanced Flash reconstruction techniques. Our unique IQ•SPECT technology allows the user to perform routine 4-minute cardiac acquisitions.


  • Lower your injected dose by up to 75%
  • SMARTZOOM collimators increase image quality by collecting 4x more counts from the heart


  • Automated collimator changer eliminates manual collimator exchange and collimator cart storage
  • A 4-minute cardiac scan for all patients virtually triples throughput


  • Less potential risk of equipment damage through automated features
  • Maximized patient throughput with faster scan times and minimal user interaction

Experience versatility

Confidence and speed can only go so far. In the healthcare industry, the ability to do more with less is often a call to action for operational and departmental managers.

To help, Symbia provides you with the clinical flexibility needed to manage your entire workflow, integrate and customize clinical applications and easily upgrade to the next level of imaging.


  • System flexibility accommodates virtually every patient
  • Upgradability to multi-slice SPECT/CT increases diagnostic confidence and clinical applications


  •™ enables anytime, anywhere access to patient images
  • Symbia S is the only general-purpose SPECT system that delivers 4-minute cardiac imaging


  • Scalable upgrades ensure non-obsolescence
  • can eliminate costs for additional workplaces

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