Siemens Healthineers at ESC Congress

With hearts so strongly connected, shouldn't cardiac solutions be, too?

Siemens Healthineers at ESC Congress
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 Find out how Siemens Healthineers supports your daily business across all modalities in your cardiology department.

Interventional Suite

syngo TrueFusion 

When treating structural heart disease, advanced real-time 3D TEE and True Volume color Doppler imaging are required to visualize form, function, and flow in one volume view – without compromise. With TrueFusion1, add the relevant anatomical and functional landmarks easily to your live fluoroscopy.
1 TrueFusion represents a workflow consisting of syngo TrueFusion and TrueFusion echo-fluoro guidance.

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syngo CTO Guidance

Expand your procedure mix by treating more CTO patients. syngo CTO Guidance enables better planning with automatic segmentation of coronary CTAs and provides guidance during the procedure with color-coded COROwave to avoid foreshortening.

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CLEARstent Live

This real-time stent enhancement functionality gives a clear display of the undeployed stent in relation to previously deployed stents or cardiac anatomy – with a significant potential to speed up procedures and to save contrast.

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Sensis Vibe

The Sensis Vibe documentation system is the vital core where all events, decisions, measurements, and data from your procedures are captured. It reduces administrative effort and standardizes documentation and reporting.

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Delivering comprehensive, anatomically precise information to enable informed decisions without missing a beat, the ACUSON SC2000™ PRIME ultrasound system is engineered to go beyond basic cardiovascular ultrasound. Innovations in simultaneous anatomy and blood flow visualization as well as valve modeling and quantification provide clinicians with fast, actionable understanding.

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AcuNav V Ultrasound Catheter

Real-time 3D visualization of the inside of the heart provides clinicians with a view of cardiac structures and devices like never before. Siemens, the pioneer and industry leader in intracardiac echocardiography (ICE), brings to ultrasound the world’s first commercial volume intracardiac catheter to improve clinical decision-making and provide exceptional patient care.

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True volume TEE transducer

In cardiovascular medicine, every heartbeat, every second, every image counts. Thanks to Siemens’ advancements in 3D/4D TEE and volume color Doppler, you can now visualize form, function, and flow in one volume view - without compromises. 

Cardiovascular CT

Dual Source CT

Cardiac CT without limits - experience the benefits of Dual Source CT. Get two steps ahead in Preventive Care with kidney-friendly scanning and low dose early detection. Get two steps ahead in Freezing Motion with "free-breathing" CT imaging and the industry's fastest, most versatile scan mode.

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Cardiovascular MR

Outcome relevant decisions – redefining patient pathways with Cardiac MRI

Check out a dedicated MRI scanner designed to meet the demands of cardiovascular examinations.

BioMatrix Sensors

Motion is a challenge in MRI, as it can dramatically decrease image quality, limiting consistency in scans and leading to costly rescans. Deeply embedded in the system architecture, BioMatrix Sensors capture respiratory, cardiac2 and head3 motion for increased consistency. This allows the user to choose the optimal exam strategy, and ensure consistent high-quality results. Anticipate motion for high quality results with BioMatrix Sensors .
2 Cardiac Triggering is still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.
3 The motion correction framework and all associated sequences are still under development and not commercially available yet. Its future availability cannot be ensured.

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Cardiac Dot Engine

Cardiac Dot Engine enables a comprehensive heart examination in less than 30 minutes. Benefit from fully automated planning of all cardiac views with AutoAlign Heart. Switch on Motion Correction with just one mouse click and receive valuable diagnostic information on the fly with Inline Ventricular Function and Inline Time Course Evaluation (Perfusion).

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Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine

With our disruptive speed technology – Compressed Sensing – you can accelerate MRI acquisition by a factor of up to 10, with no loss in image quality. Due to the extremely fast acquisition, Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine opens up Cardiac MRI to arrhythmic and dyspneic patients.

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MyoMaps4 generates comprehensive pixel-based T1, T2 and T2 colored parametric maps for myocardial tissue quantification. It is a new method of quantitative tissue characterization and helps in the detection of normally missed global, diffuse, myocardial pathologies, in better depicting cardiac edema, and in improving early detection of iron overload.
4 The feature is currently under development; not for sale in the U.S. and other countries, future availability cannot be guaranteed.

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Cardiovascular In-vitro Laboratory Testing

We provide a comprehensive and expanding menu of cardiac biomarkers across a broad spectrum of instrument solutions that help manage your patients throughout the continuum of cardiovascular disease.
On account of certain regional limitations of sales rights and service availability, we cannot guarantee that all products included in this presentation are available through the Siemens sales organization worldwide. Availability and packaging may vary by country and are subject to change without prior notice.

Discover more about Cardiac Troponin Assays

Cardiovascular IT Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming care delivery and expanding precision medicine. Siemens Healthineers has served as a pioneer in AI development for more than 20 years, and new deep learning technology now enables us to automate complex diagnostics and support optimal treatment.

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Digital Ecosystem

Siemens Healthineers has built a wide presence in daily healthcare provision, with one of the largest sets of healthcare data. From this vantage point, we are now setting up the Digital Ecosystem5, an open and secured environment. It allows healthcare providers to tap into the potential of digitalizing healthcare through fast and easy access to actionable insights.
5 Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem is not commercially available in all countries. If the services are not marketed in countries due to regulatory or other reasons, the service offering cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.

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syngo Dynamics

Leveraging data and managing costs while improving outcomes requires strong IT at the core of connected cardiovascular care. Make clinical and administrative data available, interoperable, and actionable when and where you need it.

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teamplay Cardio

Opening a window into your cardiology workflow and operations, teamplay Cardio6 provides timely and meaningful insights into performance and status: from procedure volume and turnaround statistics to the detailed analysis of the utilization of staff, rooms and resources. The cloud-based teamplay Cardio provides actionable data to help you identify precise starting points for planning and allocating resources to improve patient flow and physician efficiency.
6 teamplay Cardio is not commercially available in all countries. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your Siemens Healthineers representative for more details. Pre-requisite for teamplay Cardio: an existing installation of syngo Dynamics VA20D with the enhanced data export functionality as well as a teamplay Receiver installation. For the Orders category MLA needs to be ordered.

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