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New, critical care test instrument released worldwide

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 21-01-2012


Launched worldwide, the RAPIDPoint® 500 Blood Gas System is a compact point-of-care (POC) analyzer for critical care testing. It leverages proven Siemens technology to ensure reliable results and maximum uptime while also offering new features designed for ease-of-use in POC settings. It delivers superior value by satisfying the varying needs of those invested in POC testing: the physicians and patients who need fast and complete answers, the POC clinicians who want reliable instruments that are simple to operate, and the central lab team and others concerned about accuracy, quality control and compliance.

Critical care values

RAPIDPoint 500 blood gas analyzers deliver a complete critical care test menu in approximately 60 seconds from a single, whole blood sample: pH and blood gases, electrolytes, glucose, lactate1, plus fully integrated CO-oximetry, including nBili and total Hemoglobin.

Reliable technology

To ensure customer confidence in results, the system uses Siemens technologies which have been performance proven for more than a decade including a time-tested, cartridge-based system design, integrated planar sensors, and patented slide cell technology for CO-ox factions. The hands-free sample port design automates sample aspiration and, along with a self-cleaning probe and clot detection features, helps to preserve sample integrity and improve operator safety. Automatic QC and calibration systems ensure accuracy and simplify compliance.

Engineered to maximize uptime

Customers can count on the instrument to be available when needed and to perform consistently when in use. Long-lasting, 28-day measurement and AQC cartridges reduce down-time associated with replacing consumables. Automated QC and calibration functions can be interrupted to minimize delays for STAT patient samples. Customers can take POC program management to the next level by seamlessly integrating the new analyzer with the RAPIDComm® Data Management System.

Fast and flexible POC design

RAPIDPoint 500 features enable users to perform faster testing with greater accuracy. An adjustable, color touch screen can be positioned to optimize viewing and reduce glare. Pre-set panels for frequently used tests help to speed and simplify operation. An on-board barcode reader supports single-handed scans and helps ensure error-free data capture. The instrument’s sample port accepts syringe or capillary samples without adapters. Patient results can be quickly downloaded or printed via integrated USB ports or the on-board printer. Built-in instructional videos can help to simplify training and day-to-day operations.

Take a virtual product tour

Every RAPIDPoint 500 feature has been designed to save clinicians time on the way to making the critical decisions that impact patient lives. Get a closer look by taking a virtual product tour at the link below.


Uluslararası (İngilizce): +49 69 797 6602
Bizi Pazartesi - Cuma günleri
8.00 - 17.00 saatleri arasında arayabilirsiniz.

1 Under FDA review. Not available for sale in the U.S.

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