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Hybrid technology allows for three surgeries in one go

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 25-07-2012


The patient had been a chain-smoker for decades, but was unaware of his heart disease and diabetes. He experienced a life-threatening heart attack so massive it completely destroyed a blood vessel which in turn, caused an aneurysm in the heart. The situation was so dire, only a highly skilled effort could make amends. In Nagpur, India, the city's senior-most cardiac surgeon PK Deshpande, MD, and cardiologist Vikas Bisne, MD from Dr. KG Deshpande Memorial Hospital, along with a team of five, performed three surgeries on the 57-year-old patient – in one go. Such an attempt is not always possible or common.


Uncommon, but possible

In their hybrid operating room, which is equipped with an Artis® zee angiography system, the doctors closed up the gapping hole, corrected the inflation (aneurysm) in his left ventricle, and performed an angioplasty and stenting of the left circumflex coronary artery of the patient; and, he recovered successfully. Deshpande, who has done over 6,000 heart surgeries, admitted that it was a difficult case. “It is difficult to conduct a bypass on such patients as you cannot see or trace the cardiac vessels due to thick peel. The left anterior descending artery which caused the attack was also completely blocked,” explained Deshpande. “His left ventricle was swollen due to the aneurysm. Since I had the hybrid facility, I could plan these procedures,” he said.

Keeping a family together

The patient said he was unaware of his heart ailment and diabetes. He explained that he never had symptoms of blood pressure or diabetes and after realizing the gravity of the disease was very thankful for getting his life back. The family of the patient had been planning and preparing for a wedding and were concerned about his ability to attend. Additionally, the family depended on the patient financially and could not stand to lose such an important member. After the successful surgery, a family member reported that she believes a gracious event in their lives took place before them.


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