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New app and e-book put POC resources at your fingertips

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 25-07-2012

Physicians, respiratory therapists, and clinicians treating patients at the point of care can benefit greatly from easy access to materials and resources via their handheld devices. Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is committed to transforming our library of reference materials and developing new mobile applications to meet that need. The following new materials are now available:


interactive app: ABG Guide

This iPhone® and iPad® app is an interactive, educational resource for learning about parameters commonly measured in critical care testing including acid base balance, electrolytes, CO-oximetry and metabolites. It identifies normal and abnormal result ranges, corresponding clinical significance, and possible underlying causes for specified result values of 18 different analytes.


e-book: RAPID Analysis - Blood Gases and More

Siemens’ 135-page, comprehensive reference manual on blood gas testing has been converted to e-pub file. Handy to use as a quick reference or primer, it reviews the history of blood gas testing, pre-exam considerations, acid-base metabolism, electrolytes, and metabolites.

These new assets are complimentary and can be accessed from the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics website where a new Mobile Resources web page has been created. Apps are also available directly from the Siemens AG page at the Apple iTunes® store.


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