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An impossible dream come true

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 24-08-2012

A MAMMOMAT Inspiration was the 100,000th system connected to Siemens Remote Service.

Siemens recently connected the 100,000th system to Siemens Remote Service. This service monitors equipment at the rapidly growing Siloam Hospitals Group in Indonesia – an ideal solution for serving the often remote healthcare facilities in this country of more than 200 million people spread out along a 4,800-kilometer-long archipelago. Fittingly, this record was set in Indonesia, which has rebounded back from the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s to become one of the region’s fastest-growing economies. Rapid economic development and

urbanization are the drivers behind the modernization and expansion of healthcare facilities in this country.

Nina Supit, MD, (left) and Vera Nevyta, MD, are pleased about the reliable performance along with a high service standard.

Early detection and prevention

“I feel so proud of this global recognition for our medical centers in Indonesia,” says Chief of Facility Management and Safety for Siloam Hospitals Sian Tjoe, MD, MM. “Our decision to install this mammography unit was based on Siemens’ excellent service support in Jakarta.”

SRS catches problems at an early stage, before further deterioration can cause disruptions and force long periods of downtime for equipment repairs. Dr. Sian Tjoe praises to the total package from Siemens, which includes scanners with reliable performance along with a service standard based on the early detection and prevention of problems. Compared with the hospital’s older and less-intelligent equipment, the SRS-monitored hardware has had far fewer breakdowns, meaning fewer disruptions to patient flows. At Indonesia’s

over-stretched hospitals, every minute counts.

All Siemens CT scanners at the Siloam facilities are connected to SRS.

Fast detection, rapid response

Summarizing the basics of SRS operations, Daniel Kartawiguna, Head of the 20-member Siemens Healthcare Customer Service Department for Indonesia, explains that sensors constantly monitor the trends in internal temperatures as well as oil pressure in CT tubes and coolant levels in magnetic resonance (MR) scanners. The real-time data is dispatched over a fixed line to the service center in Germany, while also permitting access at the local service office and regional service hub. Whenever a Siemens service engineer at the Customer Care Center detects a potential problem, he or she makes a preliminary analysis and then dispatches a notification to the local service center. “Upon the arrival of an alert, one of our

customer service engineers will conduct a detailed examination to determine the exact nature of the problem,” says Kartawiguna.

Key Benefits

  • A highly efficient service record that prompted the client hospital to order the mammography scanner, marking the connection of the 100,000th system to SRS
  • Track record of no major disruptions to patient appointments or doctors’ workflows due to equipment downtime
  • Overall system efficiency and reliability, enabling hospital administration and the in-house maintenance staff to fully concentrate on the medical group’s expansion plan
  • Less CO2 emission as fewer customer on-site visits are necessary through remote pre-clarification and support
  • Opportunity to profit from other advanced services such as Remote Update Handling, Remote Application Services, Remote Software Distribution in the future
  • Setting a service standard of excellence


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The outcomes achieved by the Siemens customers described herein were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g. hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that others will achieve the same results.

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