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Visit Siemens at the ICT and discover our new hemostasis solutions

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 27-08-2012

Visit Siemens booth #11 at the 22nd International Congress on Thrombosis in Nice, France and learn about our innovative solutions for the hemostasis laboratory.


The Sysmex® CS Family Systems* provide scalable solutions with a high level of accuracy, quality, efficiency, and productivity to optimize workflow in mid- to high-volume laboratories.

- Fully-automated, computer-interfaced coagulation systems rapidly process samples with a high degree of accuracy

- Long onboard reagent stability with continuous loading of reagents and consumables enable superior laboratory workflow

- New multi-wavelength analysis technology and PSI checks provide accuracy and safety of results; test reaction curve analysis enable accurate results on the first run


The INNOVANCE® PFA-200 System* provides a comprehensive solution for pre-operative bleeding risk assessment.

- Provides results in 4 to 8 minutes; minimizes technician time and operator interface

- Detects aspirin-induced platelet dysfunction and evaluates risk assessment of patients on P2Y12-receptor antagonists*

- Uncovers von Willebrand disease (VWD) and provides the sensitivity needed to detect VWD in women with Menorrhagia


The INNOVANCE VWF Ac Assay* sets a new standard for automated determination of VWF activity and enables even the smallest labs to quickly and economically provide physicians with sensitive, precise, and reliable VWF test results.

- Sensitive, reliable, and convenient test employs an innovative new technology for directly determining real activity of VWF

- Available across different platforms and platform sizes, making around-the-clock VWF Ac testing possible for labs of all sizes, and eliminates the need to outsource testing

- Excellent reagent stability minimizes waste and maximizes the number of tests obtainable from a given volume of reagent

The INNOVANCE Free PS Ag Assay* offers an easy-to-use, highly-specific and stable testing option to complete your laboratory’s Thrombophilia testing portfolio.

- In combination with the Protein S Activity (Protein S Ac) assay, the new assay provides a complete Protein S diagnostic menu and differentiation between Type I and II Protein S deficiencies

- High specificity excludes major interferences, including interferences commonly seen from rheumatoid factors and heterophilic antibodies

- Long onboard stability of up to 72 hours and a stability of up to 6-8 weeks once opened reduces hands-on time and provides economic benefits to your laboratory

Be among the first to discover how our new hemostasis solutions drive efficiencies in your laboratory!


Uluslararası (İngilizce): +49 69 797 6602
Bizi Pazartesi - Cuma günleri
8.00 - 17.00 saatleri arasında arayabilirsiniz.

* Not available for sale in the U.S.

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