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Product Design Award for Mobile X-ray System

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 15-04-2013

Red dot award winner Mobilett Mira at this year’s ECR in Vienna.

The mobile x-ray system Mobilett Mira has won this year’s red dot product design award. In total there were 4,662 applications for 19 different categories. In the category “Life Science and Medical” the Mobilett Mira has convinced the jury and so Siemens Healthcare received this renowned prize.

37 experts, coming from 24 countries – all independent, qualified designers, university professors or trade journalists – made up this year’s jury. Only those products with the best design got awarded. And beauty alone was not sufficient. Also functionality, ergonomics and ecological compatibility were besides others the criteria that the jury was basing their decision on.

The mobile x-ray system Mobilett Mira was able to convince the jury: Thanks to its industry-leading arm range and its counterbalanced design, the rotating swivel arm allows customers to examine almost every region of interest in nearly every position and from most angles. But Mira offers more than a nice design: With Mobilett Mira customers get a high imaging power in a small space. The high output power provides pin-sharp images, comparable to those of high-end stationary X-ray imaging systems. And the Mobilett Mira is also environmentally friendly: The ECO-Mode saves up to 25 percent of energy in the stand-by mode. These are only a few of the advantages of the mobile x-ray system that convinced the jury.

Learn more about Mobilett Mira on our website or download the product brochure.


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