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Siemens launches two new online campuses

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 31-07-2013

Hemostasis Online Campus

Building on the high-level of interest and overall customer satisfaction with Siemens’ educational Hemostasis Online Campus1, we’re pleased to announce the addition of two new online campuses—the Syva Drug Testing Online Campus and Plasma Proteins Online Campus1.

Easy Online Access to Educational Information

Developed to provide easy access for laboratory professionals, students, and in the case of the Syva Online Campus, the specialty drug testing community, the online campuses are comprised of varying levels of educational information. The online campuses provide information on emerging trends in diagnostics, foundational information in diagnostic testing, advanced and complex guides, animations, and webinars showcasing various principles and opinions of thought leaders in the industry.

New Information Available on the Hemostasis Online Campus

The Hemostasis Online Campus1 has undergone several updates since its debut in 2011. The most recent updates include a new webinar and addition of the Anticoagulant Cascade—an animation illustrating the principles of traditional and novel anticoagulation substances and their interactions, from traditional unfractionated heparin to vitamin K inhibitors and direct oral anticoagulants. The Hemostasis Online Campus1 includes up-to-date information on hemostasis congresses and tradeshows, complex primary and secondary coagulation cascade animations, case studies, nine educational webinars, and articles of interest for coagulation professionals.

Syva Online Campus

Syva Drug Testing Online Campus

The Syva Drug Testing Online Campus features several unique educational components designed to provide valuable information to professionals in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) and drugs-of-abuse testing (DAT), including:

- A comprehensive glossary of diagnostics testing terms and acronyms often used in drug testing

- An outline of procedures for the protection of individual rights within the context of a drug-testing program

- Tips for drug courts looking to develop their own drug-of-abuse testing program

- A detailed animation illustrating the principle of Emit® technology

- A webinar outlining the role of diagnostics in transplant patient management

Plasma Proteins Online Campus

Plasma Proteins Online Campus

The Plasma Proteins Online Campus1 features a variety of educational information to help plasma proteins laboratory professionals stay current on trends in diagnostic testing, including:

- A comprehensive listing of articles of interest in plasma protein testing, including plasma cell dyscrasia, chronic alcohol abuse, renal diseases, cardiovascular risk, and more.

- An up-to-date calendar of upcoming congress and tradeshows

- Webinars showcasing key opinion leaders’ thoughts

Be sure to check out our online campuses, and stop back often as we continue to expand the campuses to better meet your educational needs.


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1 Outside the U.S. only.

2 Not available for sale in the U.S. Availability varies by country.

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