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One-millionth PEP course completed by Bon Secours Lab Tech

Siemens Healthineers Haberleri | 11-06-2014

Bon Secours PEP one-millionth lab professional recognition plaque

When Andrea Snyder graduated with an associate degree and started her first job as a medical laboratory technician at the Bon Secours Health System, she expected ongoing learning to be essential in her efforts to provide excellence in patient care—but she didn’t expect to win any awards. Recently, Snyder found herself at the center of celebration as the one-millionth laboratory professional to complete the Siemens Personalized Education Plan (PEP)*.

“One million course completions is a great accomplishment,” Snyder said, accepting her plaque at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital in Greenville, SC. “It shows how many people are using PEP to increase their knowledge and to learn about the instruments.”

PEP, an offering from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics as part of their Customer Care program, is the healthcare industry’s first standardized, virtual, competency-based clinical laboratory education program. Healthcare professionals can easily plan, take, and track a wide range of product-specific, professional development, and job-relevant courses. PEP encompasses education, workflow, and services, enabling Siemens' customers to continuously improve their operational efficiency.

“PEP is a valuable resource for both Siemens and our customers,” said Kelly Bryan, the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Account Manager for Bon Secours. “Our customers appreciate that we’re making it so much easier for their staff to receive the ongoing training they need in an easy-to-use format. There’s no question that PEP is a value-adding service that helps differentiate Siemens from its competitors.”

Bon Secours uses PEP to introduce all new lab staff to instruments and processes for use on the job. PEP modules familiarize learners with essential knowledge prior to hands-on training, bringing consistency, efficiency, and confidence to the training process. Available online, anytime and anywhere, PEP also makes it easy for staff to review and refresh their learning.

Snyder appreciates how the modules are designed for interactivity and clear progression of learning. “I like the way PEP is compartmentalized,” she said. “You start with a general overview of the instrument. Then, there are modules on quality, on running tests, on calibration, and so forth. You don’t miss anything important. PEP is always kept current and is always there to advance my knowledge.”


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