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Unique Product Design Have Been Honored with iF Design Award 2017


A pioneering spirit and engineering expertise – this is what defines Siemens Healthineers, the new brand. The company has set itself the goal of being the trusted partner for its customers worldwide to provide the best possible support for the current challenges in the healthcare market. Siemens Healthineers’ new self-image is reflected not only in its products and services, but also in its unique product design. In recognition of this, the SOMATOM.go CT platform and the angiography system ARTIS pheno have now been honored with the coveted iF Design Award 2017.

Product design at Siemens Healthineers is characterized by its innovative strength and focuses on the core challenges facing today's healthcare providers. Bernd Montag, CEO Siemens Healthineers, is very pleased: "We showed for the first time at RSNA 2016 that our new products consistently reflect the Siemens Healthineers brand in an appealing way. They reflect the ultimate in manufacturing quality and ease of operation, and represent a new dimension in user experience in terms of innovative workflows, patient convenience and customer satisfaction. I'm very proud of the fact that this aim has been recognized so quickly in the form of the iF Design Award."

iF Design Award

The iF Design Award is presented every year by Germany's oldest independent design organization, Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, for which submissions are assessed by a 58-member jury of independent experts from around the world. Over 5,500 entries from 59 countries were submitted in hopes of receiving the seal of quality. All awarded entries are featured on the iF World Design Guide, in the iF design app, and are displayed at the iF Design exhibition in Hamburg.

SOMATOM.go combines impressive “rational precision” and “human simplicity”
The SOMATOM go.Now and SOMATOM go.Up scanner variants employ the “rational precision” design style, which is characterized by precise clarity. This product design aims to boost confidence of radiology customers in the system and the technology. Meanwhile, “human simplicity” focuses primarily on patient wellbeing. The scanner surfaces facing the patient are designed to help patients relax during procedures. Their soft forms communicate a sense of approachability and represent safety, traditional know-how, and care for the patient.

The flexible room design of SOMATOM.go offers patients this precise feeling of wellbeing. All computer hardware, which was previously housed in the control room, has been integrated directly into the scanner gantry. This allows the radiography assistant to control the scanner via a tablet and remain close to the patient while preparing the scan. In addition, a clearly visible countdown makes help the patient follow breathing instructions during the examination, while a soothing mood light helps make the overall experience more pleasant.

ARTIS pheno – a combination of “dynamic edge” and “human simplicity” design
The robot-supported ARTIS pheno angiography system aims to simplify image-based procedures in minimally invasive surgery, interventional radiology, and interventional cardiology. Thanks to its robotic construction, the ARTIS pheno has a flexible isocenter that enables individual table adjustment for optimal imaging support during treatment. Integrated collision protection also maximizes freedom of movement for both the imaging system and clinical personnel.

The “human simplicity” design style is particularly reflected in this robotic construction. The system seems less complex and technical and comes across to the patient as friendly, almost “human”. A pleasing combination of color contrasts and light inserts embody the “dynamic edge” design style. Greater use of color contrasts makes the system seem smaller and the integrated light edges give the system an elegant look.

About Siemens Healthineers

Our new name expresses our mission and what we stand for: Helping healthcare providers become more successful in caring for their patients.  

Our new name is unique. It embodies our pioneering spirit and our engineering expertise in the healthcare industry. It reflects the fact that this industry is increasingly driven by the skills of individuals. It also contains a commitment and a promise to our customers that we will use our pioneering spirit and our engineering expertise to help drive their success.

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