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Multix Select DR

Ekonomik dijital radyografi uzmanınız

Multix Select DR provides innovative technology at an economical price-level, using selected technologies from high-end X-ray products.

Multix Select DR consists of an X-ray tube, column stand, machine table, digital detector and imaging station with an optional Bucky wall stand.

Multix Select DR for chest and free exams is a machine variant with an X-ray tube, column stand, Bucky wall stand, digital detector and imaging station.


Flexible machine for a huge variety of examinations

Radiopraphy Multix Select DR Digital X-ray machine

Treat patients conveniently on a table1, Bucky wall stand1 or during free examinations and save up to 50% examination time2 with a flexible mobile detector that provides excellent image quality.

  • Treat your patients conveniently – on the table1, Bucky wall stand1 or during free examinations
  • Save precious positioning time, especially for immobile patients – with a flexible mobile detector
  • Higher image quality with a minimal patient-to-detector distance resulting in decreased magnification
  • Battery-free, flexible detector positioning anywhere in the room


Easy, fast to learn and safe to operate

Radiography Multix Select dRF for huge variety of examinations

Increase your operational efficiency with an intuitive imaging machine that enables fast and smooth usage – learnable in just 2.5 days.

  • Intuitive syngo FLC user interface with clearly arranged functions
  • Supports automated DICOM import of RIS patient data and examination information
  • Intelligent organ programs with pre-set image parameters tailored to your individual requirements
  • Experience the same imaging software as used for high-end Siemens radiography machines
  • Short training time


Especially tailored to provide economical performance

Radiography Multix Select dRF for economical performance

Decrease your total cost of ownership (TCO) with a budget–friendly and reliable machine that fits with an integrated generator into rooms as small as 11 sqm down to 6.3 sqm for the chest and free exams system variant3 – providing more financial flexibility.

  • Small machine footprint – for both system variants
  • Low installation costs – no ceiling preparation and compact delivery
  • Economical wired detector for multiple examinations
  • No chemicals unlike for analog images required, fast fully-digital workflow


1 Machine components standard or optional, depending on the machine variant

2 Compared to U-arm machines with a fixed detector

3 Generator for chest and free exams machine variant is located separately

Multix Select DR and Multix Select DR for chest and free exams are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.

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