The MAX effect

Where gains multiply

The MAX effect
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One user interface – the cornerstone of MAX usability

With one user interface for all MAX systems1 the user is immediately familiar with the mode of operation. More than 1000 organ programs (combinations of system positions, exposure and post-processing parameters) allow image impression and workflow in the radiology department to be standardized according to the user’s needs. This means faster operation, fewer mistakes and up to 50% reduction in training time.

MAX image chain – the key to MAX image quality

Our reproducible high MAX image quality is based on a unique image chain. It consists of the MAX detectors and the highly advanced DiamondView Plus postprocessing which is specifically adapted to every imaging situation. Across the modalities users also benefit from MAX wi-D’s built in handle, greater positioning accuracy provided by MAXalign and the right size of MAX mini.

Reach a high level of data security

To protect your system, IT equipment and patient data from cyberattacks, all MAX systems have been designed to be in compliance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Defense. MAX systems offer this high level of cybersecurity as standard right from the start. Role-specific user rights combine an easy workflow with a high level of security, because each user has to remember just one password for all MAX systems.

MAX offerings for a high security standard2

Secure Development LifecycleAdvanced security package
 - Secure Coding & Testing - Role-based access control
 - Vulnerability Scanning - Centralized access role management
 - Penetration Testing - Audit trail
Whitelisting - DICOM encryption
90-days security fixesHardware security package

Encrypted data storage and

 - Lock to generator cabinet
Transfer - Hardware port covers for syngo FLC

Position even small children safely

Imaging children who are ill and in pain can be challenging. MAX systems offer all you need to improve the experience for both children and their families and to provide child-friendly, safe, and efficient ultra-low-dose examinations. Our dedicated accessories for pediatrics help you easily and safely position children and reduce movements during an examination.

Integrated quality management

All MAX systems provide reliable data on the dose applied, exposure levels and reject rates necessary to demonstrate high quality standards and easily drive the improvement of standardization, savings and satisfaction based on data.

1MAX systems are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further information.

2Applicable for all MAX systems with a software version VF 10 or higher