Multimobil 10

The economical solution in mobile X-ray imaging

Multimobil 10
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A mobile X-ray machine that satisfies all your requirements.

High image quality

Self-calibrating and high imaging output of up to 10 kW and 125 mAs, enables exposure times down to 4 ms, virtually eliminating any motion blur. And exposure times are reduced significantly.

Comfortable operation and maneuvering

Streamlined, easy-to-use operator console offers fast access to all functions. Multimobil 10 calculates the maximum mA and minimum time for the shortest possible exposure times.

A convenient and safe parking position for the freely rotatable unit’s head ensures higher safety. The short wheelbase ensures high maneuverability.

Wide operation range

Multimobil 10 delivers constant imaging power even when the power supply voltage falls to 180 V or rises to 265 V.

It can be used in a variety of clinical disciplines, such as for instant bedside imaging, intensive care unit, neonatal intensive care unit, operating room, sports medicine and even in veterinary medicine.

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Optionally available with our patient friendly Zebra design.

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