Bizle İletişime Geçin

Brilliant image quality

  • High imaging output enables shorter exposure times, virtually eliminating any motion blurring
  • Soft radiation is suppressed to reduce skin dose
  • High frequency technology provides a reliable utilization of the system
  • Integrated microcontroller provides power accuracy – anytime and anywhere


Excellent handling

  • Plug MULTIMOBIL into any grounded wall socket, switch it on, and you are ready to start the examination
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy positioning for imaging in all conceivable projections with the patient recumbent, sitting, or in any position in between
  • The counterbalanced swivel arm, the rotatable X-ray tube head, and the adjustable collimator enable easy and fast positioning of the system
  • Exposure parameters can be set easily and quickly with the ergonomically designed control panel

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