Facility Design Services

Planning healthcare facilities across the globe

Facility Design Services
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Layout design solutions for clinical departments

Partner up with Siemens Healthineers: Evidence for this can be seen in the following results

  • Over 7,100 projects for more than 78 countries realized
  • Team up with 41 planners, 5 architects, and 2 physicists in 6 countries
  • Learn how to leverage a database with more than 1,000 templates and 632 multi-modality and departmental solutions

Modality-specific design

Siemens Healthineers can be your partner of choice to design healthcare sites around the world. Our expertise in modality planning means you can be sure of optimal workflows and designs for almost every clinical field.

Preliminary, detail, and implementation planning

Our services include feasibility studies, demand and layout analyses, radiation protection, interface to clinical infrastructure, quench tube calculation, magnetic field reductions and interferences, site measurements, and magnetic shielding calculation.

Design solutions for clinical departments

Facility Design Services creates preliminary and final departmental layouts based on optimized processes and ergonomics that are adapted to local cultural considerations.

We consider all technical constraints and architectural guidelines when designing modern hospital departments.


3D/4D1 visualization and virtual reality: the key to successful planning

Modern visualization solutions, including virtual reality (VR), enable you to experience your future department before construction has even begun. This is especially useful for bringing to life those less tangible factors – like atmosphere, light, space, and privacy – that are more effectively designed in visualized form than in 2D layouts. Users and even patients can experience the proposed environment as they virtually walk around in the finished rooms. Using interactive planning tools with a VR interface allows us to design our solutions in close collaboration with you, our customers.


Workflow Simulation:

Predictive modeling of healthcare processes using a digital twin of your institution

Workflow Simulation brings together all the essential planning elements in a virtual environment: 3D layout, clinical processes, and performance parameters.

1Including time.