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Ultrason Elastografi

Push the Boundaries of Ultrasound Insight

Siemens’ elastography imaging technologies deliver new insights that redefine the way you assess and treat disease. Along with offering exceptional assessments of tissue characteristics, they cover a wide range of exam types, ensuring you have the right solution for every patient.

VTIQ provides multiple highly sensitive stiffness measurements of thyroid nodules.

Designed to improve targeting for biopsy locations, Virtual Touch™ IQ gives you the ability to visualize quantifiable differences in tissue elasticity. In addition, this technology offers a high level of resolution, equipping you to assess and monitor lesions as small as 3 mm.

VTq quantifies stiffness in this cirrhotic liver for assistance in disease staging and patient management.

Virtual Touch™ quantification can be utilized to obtain a baseline stiffness value in patients with signs or symptoms of liver disease. A change from this baseline stiffness value during routine follow up can indicate disease progression/regression.

VTi improves lesion boundary detection in this calcified thyroid mass.

Offering enhanced border definition and the ability to identify the stiffest portion of a lesion, Virtual Touch™ imaging works to improve the accuracy of your diagnostic measurements. When paired with superior image quality, this technology promotes a higher level of diagnostic understanding.

Improve clinical confidence by evaluating lesion stiffness with eSie Touch elasticity imaging in this large fibroadenoma.

Combining manual compression with real-time, qualitative conventional ultrasound, eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging provides a more complete view of tissue stiffness. This additional clinical information works to enhance the accuracy of disease assessment and monitoring.

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