Siemens Ultrasound Partner Alliance

Siemens Ultrasound Partner Alliance brings ultrasound market opportunities to sales partners worldwide.

Siemens Ultrasound Partner Alliance
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We are the Ultrasound Pioneers
We pioneered the first medical Ultrasound system in 1953, and we have been making amazing discoveries in imaging ever since. We never stopped pioneering – and we never will.

Why we pioneer
Our products and features are important – but our pioneering vision is what makes a difference in people’s lives. We are proud to be the Ultrasound pioneers. Ultrasound is the only imaging technology that follows a person over an entire lifetime. And it is the only one that has the potential to touch every single person in the world.

Ultrasound Innovations pay off in improved care.
Healthcare providers are seeking less invasive, expedient, more cost-efficient, and highly reimbursable ways to deliver superior patient care. They have come to rely on innovations from Siemens Ultrasound to provide increased diagnostic confidence.

Ultrasound Innovations in Radiology

Virtual Touch™ tissue imaging* is the first commercially available application of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) technology for evaluation of deep tissues not accessible by superficial compression elastography. The increased sensitivity measures and quantifies the stiffness of tissue often correlated with pathology. Learn More

Ultrasound Innovations in Cardiology

The ACUSON SC2000™ volume imaging ultrasound system delivers instantaneous full-volume image acquisition of the entire heart in one single heart cycle without stitching or gating, allowing physicians to assess cardiac function more comprehensively and accurately. Learn More

Ultrasound Innovations in Women’s Health

An integrated breast volume transducer that automatically gives physicians a total view of the full volume of the breast and not just a small narrow area. It reduces operator variability resulting from handheld ultrasound and improves exam consistency. Learn More

Ultrasound Innovations in our core products

We understand what is important to ultrasound practitioners all over the world in all types of settings. That is why our mid-range products are recognized in the marketplace for their versatility and reliability.

This versatility translates into orders. At Siemens Ultrasound, over 50% of the sales of our mid-range products come from our sales partners. Partners know the ACUSON X300 and ACUSON X150 products are not only versatile, but extremely reliable and offer maximum flexibility in upgrades protecting your customer’s investment for years to come. We expect to outpace the forecasted market growth in mid-range products over the next several years and we expect our sales partners to continue to lead the way.

Form meets function. Reliable, versatile and robust, the value priced ACUSON X300 gives you the opportunity to sell into a variety of settings with one product. The ACUSON X300 is easy to move and maneuver in small spaces due to its lightweight, mobile design, making this system ideal for multi-use environments. This allows you to expand the number and type of selling opportunities available to you. Ideal for private practices the ACUSON X150 was designed from the ground up with an all-digital architecture and provides exceptional performance and instantaneous activation of clinical workflow steps. It delivers the best price performance in its class in terms of image quality.