ACUSON SC2000 Ultrasound System - Upgrades & Services

Delivering a new dimension in echocardiography. Taking your practice to new heights.

Advanced cardiology application packages are available for use with the ACUSON SC2000™ volume imaging ultrasound system such as Volume Workflow Acceleration for 3D volume imaging, the Rapid Stress™ volume stress echo application, and 2D imaging.


The 2.0 release of the ACUSON SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system is compatible with these transducers:

  • 9L4
  • V5M TEE
  • 4V1c
  • 8V3c
  • AUX CW2
  • 4Z1c
  • AcuNav™ 8F and 10F Ultrasound Catheter
  • ACUSON ACUNAV™ V* 10F Ultrasound Catheter
  • SoundStar 10F Ultrasound Catheter

ACUSON SC2000 Transducers 0.3 MB


Customer Care.
Siemens bases its customer care program on four key elements:

  • Services and support provide a wide range of services for optimal performance in every situation, from individual systems to entire organizations
  • Upgrades and migrations present several paths to help your practice stay current with our latest technologies and applications
  • Education and training helps you keep your knowledge and expertise up-to-date
  • Information and communication offers you interactive platforms and diverse media for experiencing our latest innovations

Delivering peak performance
Siemens Remote Service provides expert level support at the touch a button. Powered by remote desktop sharing, our state-of-the-art support center can seamlessly and securely connect to your system to provide remote service, diagnostics and software updates directly to your Siemens ultrasound system.


Maximizing Your Investment
Siemens’ legendary upgradeability consistently delivers long-term value with continuous, cost-effective upgrades and updates — innovations that enable your investment to grow with your practice, meeting today’s clinical needs — and tomorrow’s medical challenges.


IN Focus coherent imaging technology maximizes your investment in cross-platform transducers such as the 4V1c, 8V3c and V5M by delivering superior imaging to the other conventional focusing platforms.

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