Uroskop Omnia Max

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Uroskop Omnia Max
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“The possibilities of working without having to reposition the patient and of imaging the entire urinary tract with one single exposure with excellent image resolution have been ideally implemented in this interventional workstation.

Free access to the patient, individually adjustable table height and intelligent table movements are further features that make working with it easy and convenient. In addition, patient comfort is increased while examination time is reduced.”

Dr. Michael Straub, Managing Senior Physician, Department of Urology, Technische Universität München, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Munich, Germany

Sharper images – exceptional quality in 43 cm x 43 cm (17" x 17")

See the entire KUB tract in one shot – and distinguish even tiny urologic instruments and finest anatomical structures. That’s how you benefit from the intelligent interaction of our MAX dynamic flat detector with DiamondView Plus software.

One shot – high-quality KUB images
Uroskop Omnia Max lets you see more in one picture. The large MAX dynamic flat detector delivers distortion-free, high-quality dynamic sequences and static images of the Kidney-Ureter-Bladder tract (KUB) in one exposure – offering full patient coverage with a detailed resolution of up to 3.4 lp/mm.

Less noise – better detail recognition
With DiamondView Plus, the urology system significantly reduces noise while increasing detail contrast and sharpness of your radiographic images – with enhanced soft-tissue contrast and finer bone detail. Predefined settings based on organ programs help save time and effort and further reduce dose.

Faster navigation, less dose – with Uroskop Omnia Max
In addition to always sharpening up on image quality, we are also committed to further reduce dose for patient and staff – with our unique CARE1 initiative. With CAREPROFILE and CAREPOSITION, for example, the urology system Uroskop Omnia Max lets you quickly navigate to a detail in a KUB image while ensuring full orientation. Best of all: It’s a single-touch positioning feature. You can navigate to a desired image detail such as half-side, kidney or bladder with just the push of a button – and completely radiation-free. This saves time and increases patient safety.

Unique ergonomics – from patient access to table positioning

Experience unique ergonomics for less preparation time, faster examinations, and higher efficiency. With our patented design you can access your patients from all sides; when positioning the system, the SmartMove technology automatically takes the fastest and shortest way.

Patented design – free access
The patented curved X-ray column of Uroskop Omnia Max offers you and your team truly unrestricted patient access from all four sides. From any position, you have a clear view of the monitor, and hence your images. Regardless of the clinical application, there is no need to reposition the patient and the anesthesiologist can always remain at the table head. Benefit from significant time savings due to less preparation time and faster examinations ‒ with Uroskop Omnia Max.

Faster operation – reproducible positions
With SmartMove, Uroskop Omnia Max automatically takes the fastest and shortest way to any position you need – at the touch of a button. With up to seven predefined, automatic, and simultaneous functions, you can reach new levels of consistency and efficiency in every examination.

Uroskop Omnia Max can be quickly positioned thanks to SmartMove.

With a single button push, the urology system moves to where you need it; for example, from the patient transfer to your standard working position.

When moving to a Trendelenburg position, the table height is leveled around the perineal end to keep your working height constant.

Uroskop Omnia Max allows the longitudinal patient coverage to be expanded to up to 98 cm – through a combination of table and tube/detector movements.

Patients will benefit from the comfortable standing and sitting positions of Uroskop Omnia Max.

For pediatric imaging, Uroskop Omnia Max automatically moves the grid motor-driven into a parking position.

Faster overview – all modalities in sight

Increase your diagnostic and therapeutic confidence. View and compare X-ray, endoscopy, ultrasound, and all DICOM modalities side-by-side – and store them in one patient folder. That’s complete image management in the intervention room under sterile operation.

All in one place – side-by-side
SmartView lets you view and compare a variety of images side-by-side, during interventions and directly at the monitor of your urology system. You can display live and reference images from endoscopy, ultrasound, and all DICOM modalities – next to your radiography or fluoroscopy images. The plug and play interface HD VideoManager lets you also view endoscopy images even in high definition (HD). So you have everything you need in one place and in exceptional image quality.

Multimodality images – stored together
Uroskop Omnia Max lets you store together what belongs together because SmartView2 also allows convenient storage of images. With HD EndoStore, you can file images from all modalities together with X-rays as DICOM images in one patient folder. Just one more click and they will be sent to your PACS as a bundled package – for fast retrieval anytime.

All modalities in sight ‒ anywhere
Uroskop Omnia Max allows every member of your intervention team to easily access all images in both the intervention room and the control room. In addition, images can be seamlessly transferred to an additional screen or urodynamic system.

Unique handling – for sterile operation
Uroskop Omnia Max is the only urology system that allows you to operate SmartView using a multifunctional footswitch. Your great advantage: Sterile operation is always possible.

The right dose

The comprehensive CARE dose reduction program decreases radiation exposure for patients and staff without compromising image quality.



The MAX dynamic flat panel detector, with a state-of-the-art cesium iodide scintillator, gives you the choice of low-dose DFR or full-resolution RAD images.

CAREFILTER – Automatic copper filters to reduce skin dose
CAREMATIC – Automatic exposure parameters
CAREMAX2 – Dose-area measurement and monitoring
CAREVISION – Pulsed fluoroscopy with 30, 15, 10, 7.5, and 3 p/s
FluoroLoop2 – Prospective and retrospective storage and review of fluoroscopy sequences
CAREPROFILE2 – Radiation-free collimation using Last Image Hold (LIH) for orientation
CAREPOSITION2 – Radiation-free patient repositioning using a virtual field display on the LIH


Uroskop Omnia Max offers a colorful MoodLight element, based on LED technology. This color element helps create a relaxing atmosphere and reduces nervousness of the patient.

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1Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE), a Siemens initiative for dose reduction.